A few readers have wondered why some of my book covers have had frequent updates. I’d like to take a moment to explain.

The reasons for cover change are many, but primarily, a cover may change because the market changes swiftly and so do reader tastes and expectations. Books may get buried unless you keep them up-to-date, and when this happens, authors can no longer make a living. Fortunately for indie authors, we can forge a close relationship with our readers and make adjustments without having to go through a mire of corporate red tape.

Other reasons for changes include: overused models, reader feedback and meeting genre expectations. We have a unique opportunity to create covers that push genre boundaries. But sometimes, market testing provides information that alters perspective. For example, having come from an era with biases against romance, some of my original covers moved toward a “bigger book look” that I thought might please my readers (e.g. no clinches). However, what I discovered was that you like classic romantic covers, and many of you are defiant in that regards. Which I find an amazing and empowering experience. You’re saying “Give me my romance, and I don’t give a flip if you don’t like it!” How awesome is that?

However, you should have no fear about buying one of these books twice, because Amazon will never allow you to repurchase a book you’ve already bought and I will never create a “new” book page for these older titles. They will always simply be updated, so that if you attempt to buy them, Amazon (and all vendors) will tell you that you already bought it.

Keep your questions coming!

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